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    They're both utterly gorgeous! Emmeline Poppy Joy is pure happiness, skipping and hiding in the poppy fields. Emmeline Poppy Lou is cuter, it's so flipping adorable I just want to squeeze her little cheeks. Oh, I don't know. I think Emmeline Poppy Joy looks more grown up. But I don't think that matters. Both are amazing, honestly. I'd love to be either.
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    Emmeline Poppy Lou! Oh it's beautiful and fun. I really like the Lou!
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    Emmeline Poppy Lou would be more up my own alley, but if you want something that sounds quite grounded, Joy is a better choice. I really like Blythe for a second middle, as you mentioned you were considering before!
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    I prefer Emmeline Poppy Joy. Lou doesn't do anything for me in this combo. I love the look of Emmeline Poppy Joy, as well as the image it evokes of pure happy. Love it.

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