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    I like Sofia Caridad.

    I am surprise you are thinking about Estrella. I would avoid the whole double l situation.. Unless you do like the sound of Estrela... (assuming she is going to live in an English speaking country)

    I am in a very similar situation and someone told me this the other day: "Pick a name you would like to have in [country]".

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    I like Isabel best with Elena and Roberto. Sofia would be my second choice. Liliana has the same ending as Elena and I think Estrella, though beautiful is too close to Elena. I prefer it when siblings each have a name with it's own individual sound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marifern View Post
    Hello I am expecting my 3rd child in 8 weeks. It's a girl and she will be joining siblings Elena Marisol and Roberto Manuel. Here is the list that my husband and I have:

    Sofia Caridad

    Estrella Pilar

    Isabel Anamaria

    Milagro Natalia

    Liliana Yadira

    What do you think of the names? Do you have any suggestions? Both first and middle name must be Spanish/Latino/Hispanic because my parents and in-laws are from Cuba, so my husband and I want to honor our heritage. Thanks.
    I like Sofia Caridad, Estrella Pilar and Isabel Anamaria. Isabel is my fave.

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    What gorgeous names! I like Sofia Caridad best with your other children's names, but Liliana Yadira is also quite breathtaking.
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