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Thread: Jack

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    I was thinking about this the other day. I know that Jack is like the "All-American Boy" name (yes, i know it is used and popular elsewhere too), but I've only heard it widespread on TV shows or among celebrities.

    I know one actual Jack. My little nephew is Jackson, and they were trying to get the nn Jack to stick but it hasn't yet. I know/know of about 10 Jackson/Jaxons, in my hometown.

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    I think it's more common to hear that name in a story, like titanic lol I have never met someone with that name. I used to work in a daycare and there was a baby named Jackson though!

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    A couple years ago, we had three Jacks in kindergarten at once at my school. We've also had a number of Jackson's lately. Makes me sad, as it's one of my favorite names and is such a classic. I would hate to name a future kiddo of mine "Jack" and have him become "Jack B." at school...
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    I love Jack, and it's the only name my mother has ever pressured me to use. The popularity makes that impossible, unfortunately. Lately I've been loving Ajax as a modern/mythic Jack replacement.
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