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    I don't really like any of these...suggestions that bear similarity:
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    We don't need to like them, we are here to help the OP with the list she said she had already narrowed down; remember these are not our children and besides, it does not hurt to be polite.

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    I see a few different styles here .. For example Addisyn and Katherine don't work well together as Addisyn is a unisex trendy name and Katherine is a classic. I would pair them up as follows


    Eloise, Katherine, Madeline


    Addisyn, Laiken, Everly


    Levi, Morgan, Auden


    Talulah, Rowen, Wren

    my favorite set are the three classic names.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    I like Eloise, Wren, and Madeline or Eloise, Wren, and Katherine.
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    I really like Talulah and Eloise together. I can't decide which third name I'd put with them though. I think Eloise and Talulah both have a quirky, fun feel to them and none of the other names really fit that. Have you considered Phoebe or Zoe? Either of those would complete an awesome trip-set with Eloise and Talulah, I think. Congrats!
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