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Thread: Really?

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    I saw Tess can be a nn for Elizabeth. I have never heard of this before, but love Elizabeth & not Theresa. What do you think? Any other Theresa alternatives to get to Tess? Thanks!

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    Tessa nn Tess?

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    I've heard Esther for Tess before. Ess to Tess is the logic I think.

    Quintessa would work too. It feels more modern than Esther, whether that's good or bad I'm not sure.

    Tessa itself is cute but feels as nickname-y as Tess to me.

    I'm assuming simple international variants of Theresa aren't what you're looking for? Teresa, Thérèse , Tereza?

    Tacita would work well. Thomasin/Tamsin would be more of a stretch.

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    I just suggested Thessaly in another thread to get the nn Tess/Tessa. I think it's lovely, personally.

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