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    Thoughts on Penmaen

    Studying some genealogy, I recently came across the name Penmaen. It was used as a boy's middle name, and it means 'rocky headland' in Welsh. It sounds mysterious, historical and intriguing to me. I like it, especially the nn Penn/Pen. However, I do think it could be seen as a girl's name, because the 'mae' element in the second syllable is rather feminine. On a girl, there could be the nn Penny or Mae. So, is Penmaen for girls, boys, or both? What are your opinions?

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    I like it, esp w nn Penn. Feels decidedly masculine to me w the n on the end. Penmae is mebbe a good feminization?

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    I like it. When I saw the post before reading it, I thought "girl." Although Penn is boyish, Penmaen seems wildly romantic and evocative of the Welsh landscape. I would give it to a little girl with nn Penny, but I can see it on either gender.

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    I love it for either!
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    The 'ae' configuration in Welsh isn't pronounced the same as in English though. It'd be 'pen-mine'.

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