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Thread: is Viola vile?

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    I love Viola Go watch 'Shakespeare in Love' if you'd like to heart it some more

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    I sort of like it pronounced VYE-oh-lah.
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    I like Viola! I like Violet and Violetta more, but Viola is lovely! I don't think "vile" at all. I think of beautiful violets, orchestra concerts (which I always remember fondly from high school!), and Viola from Twelfth Night! She's such a strong and excellent role model for a woman (I'm not usually into the whole feminism thing--I appreciate those who stand for it, but I feel like there are more pressing matters on my heart!). She's so strong, and yet she balances so well her femininity and her falling in love. I wished I loved Viola more, because I love Twelfth Night and Viola is by far my favorite character. I would love to see more Violas in the world, though--it's a beautiful name, with beautiful connotations.
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    I personally would not name a child Viola.

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    Hast thou read/seen Twelfth Night? Then no, Viola is not vile, she is awesome and Shakespearean.

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