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    Talking Better Late than Never...

    Wow, my DS just turned one last week and I have yet to announce his name!

    We went with Jasper Allan Fox!

    Jasper suits him so well!! Allan is DH's Dad's middle name and Fox is for my Dad, Todd.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Happy birthday to him! Love his name :-)
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    Noticing your screen name, do you also have sons named Rupert and Ollie? That sibset would be darling - Ru, Ollie and Jasper

    Rupert is one of my guilty pleasures; you don't see it too often (in the US, that is).
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    Love your username rupert and dollie how gorgeous! Congratulations on the birth of Jasper he has a gorgeous name too.


    PS I just realised that it was rupert and OLLIE
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    Congrats, nice choice of names!

    favorite names this week: Jane Cosima & Oren Drake

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