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Thread: Cohesion

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    Erin for a male is confusing...I kept having to stop and remind myself (no, it's a guy) every time I read it. Aaron???

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    Renrose -- How is it pronounced different? I'm honestly curious as I've known girls and a man named Erin but they just pronounce it like Aaron and I've never heard otherwise. Also, I know Erin is a girls name but if it's 'fine' to use boys names on girls, there's no real reason I can't use girl names on boys.
    Erin = EH-rin ('eh' is a short noise like get) << pronunciation by nsteck

    Aaron = AH-run ('ah' like cat) << pronunciation by thechamberpots

    I don't mind it being used as a boys name in this instance, I just wanted to make sure you knew they were different names.
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    I've never hear Aaron pronounced that way. It's said eh-rin over here or maybe just down here in the south.

    That's interesting.
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    I think the Erin/Aaron thing is regional - I pronounce them the same as Renrose.

    Damian and Dorian Thranger - I'm assuming they, and Demitri, are all brothers, but I find these two in particular very close, and I think as a reader I may get confused. Demitri also strikes me as being very different in style to them as well. Adrian feels very mismatched with the D brothers and M sisters.

    Alexander Morgan & Helena Dawn -- Alexah Leanne, Elijah Alexander - I'm guessing the kids are named after their father here. Alexah feels a bit trendy next to the classic Elijah though.

    Alexah Leanne & Adrian Kendric -- Gareth Damon & Adria Mercy - Adria is a bit close to Adrian, I know it's probably meant that way but I can forsee problems for readers with two very similar names. How about switching it to Mercy Adria - stops Gareth being the only non-A name in the family and solves the Adrian/Adria closeness in one go.

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    Typically in Australia and the UK there is a distinct pronunciation between Erin and Aaron as renrose pointed out. But as far as I knew in the US they were virtually pronounced the same.

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