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    I love the name Callaway.
    Raleigh is my first favorite out of your girls list. Second fave is Waverly, third Juliette. Wimberly does not sound right, no offense. Could be me being ultra picky.
    Raleigh, Waverly-both go well with Callaway Marie.
    I would go with an unusual surname-ish choice for the first name, as you've done with the first daughter. That was obviously something that worked well.
    With the middles you picked, I'd pair them as follows based on how the combo sounds:
    Waverly Juliette
    Everything else seems like there are too many L's and it is hard to say...Suggestions:
    Emberley(I think someone else posted this and I agree it could work well with Callaway)
    Emberley Juliette
    Parklin Gloria or Parklynn Glauria (combines all family names)
    Bradleigh or Bradley Emmalynn
    Laurence (wren for a nn and this incorporates Laura) -Maybe Laurence Coralynn or Laurence Juliette
    Middle name ideas:
    Glaurie, (glory)
    Quinlan or Quinlyn Glauria
    Kimberley or Kimberlynn
    Quynn (the ynn of lynn smooshed in) pronounced Quinn

    First name Ideas:
    Carden (garden connection and my aunts last name that I've always loved)

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    Now that I answered the girls section I can move onto the boys:
    I like Davis, followed by Lochlan, and then Kipling.
    Kipling Davis
    Kipling Grayson
    Davis Gray
    Davis Whittaker
    Davidson (davis for a nn) Kipling
    Davis McKennitt
    Davidson West
    Lochlan Westford

    I love your name choices and styles. It really gets me thinking about names I almost never hear.

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    I love Callaway. It's a family surname for me, and I'm incredibly fond of it as a middle name. I like Waverly from your girls' list along with Davis and Griffith from your boys' list. @norameredith gave you some great suggestions. I especially like Sheridan, Bellamy, Ellery, Willoughby, Donahue, Henderson, and Finnegan for you.

    Waverly Laura
    Sheridan Laura
    Bellamy Gloria
    Ellery Laura
    Willoughby Laura

    Davis Ray
    Griffith Wesley
    Willoughby Ray
    Donahue Wesley
    Henderson Wesley
    Finnegan Wesley
    Emily | 21 | USA
    Helen ▵ Alice ▵ Jane ▵ Mary ▵ Rose
    Sam ▵ James ▵ Theo ▵ Edward ▵ Ciarán

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    I really like norameredith's suggestion for you of Callaway & Sheridan.


    Afton Laurel
    Sutton Gloriana
    Rooney Laura
    Hennsley Gloria
    Kirby Linnea
    Kavanagh Lynn
    Langley Maura

    My picks from your current girls list are Raleigh or Wimberly - CallaWAY and WAverly are a little too "twinsy." (Juliette is certainly a whole different feeling - but it is beautiful.) Wimberly Laura or Wimberly Juliette, nn "Immy" or "Wim."

    Favorite from your boys list is Kipling Wesley! It's distinguished & evocative, with adorable nn "Kip." It matches the unusual-ness (?!) of Callaway. Also like Griffith Ray or Roan Wesley.

    Lorcan Griffith
    Lofton Ray
    Sullivan Wesley
    Adler Griffith
    Copeland Ray
    Gibson Wesley
    Hendricks Aiken
    Jennings West
    Miller Aiken
    Penn Griffith

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