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    Elena Melusine - too long and has repetitive l's
    Rosalind Melusine - too long and I'm hearing the l's a lot
    Eva Rosalind - A lovely pair
    Briony Cosima - I think it would be better switched around to Cosima Briony. I find it longish both ways though.
    Freya Rosalind - Gorgeous!
    Leda Elodie - heavy on the hard d's
    Eva Pomeline - Eva is classy but Pomeline is cutesy.
    Leda Romilly - ok
    Emma Melusine - too heavy on the m's
    Leda Rosalind - I'm hearing l's and d's
    Eva Melusine - OK if Eva is pronounced like "Ava"
    Freya Leontine - A blend of soft and hard sounds. I like it.
    Leda Melusine -ok
    Eva Callista - don't like the same "a" ending
    Freya Morgana - both end the same way
    Freya Melody - Freya is ok but not with Melody. I don't like the double y's in the combo either.
    Callista Maris - too hissy with the s's
    Melody Aurora - Not a fan of either name
    Leontine Elise - I like the names but the combo has too much "ee" sound
    Elena Melisande - The names are fine separately but together there is too much "el" in the combo
    Eliza Romilly - i prefer Eva with Romilly
    Alice Georgina - Very classy and elegant
    Ada Belphoebe - This is an unexpected pairing that works!
    Alice Callista - too lispy
    Eva Romilly - This is pretty!
    Charlotte Aurora - I love Charlotte but Aurora is not easy to say.
    All the best,

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    Elena Melusine- pretty
    Rosalind Melusine- though I love Rosalind, I dislike the repeating sounds in both names' ending
    Eva Rosalind- nice
    Briony Cosima- nice
    Freya Rosalind- pretty
    Leda Elodie- nope
    Eva Pomeline- nice
    Leda Romilly- okay
    Emma Melusine- too many M? Or maybe it's just me.
    Leda Rosalind- nope
    Eva Melusine- I love this
    Freya Leontine- okay
    Leda Melusine- not sure
    Eva Callista- nope
    Freya Morgana- lovely!
    Freya Melody- not my favourite
    Callista Maris- sounds pretty
    Melody Aurora- I like both names, but not as a combo
    Leontine Elise- not my favourite
    Elena Melisande- like
    Eliza Romilly- not sure
    Alice Georgina- classic and timeless
    Ada Belphoebe- nope.
    Alice Callista- repeating "lees" sound, dislike
    Eva Romilly- I love this
    Charlotte Aurora- pretty
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    Top 5:
    Eva Pomeline- This one is beautiful!
    Callista Maris- I also like this one, but you would have to like the nn Callie, as people will probably call her that.
    Eliza Romilly- These 2 names flow well together
    Charlotte Aurora- I'm not crazy about the name Charlotte, but love the nn Charlie (or Charlee) for a girl
    Ada Belphoebe- I don't like Belphoebe, but I love Ada. I think Ada would sound great with many of your other middle names. My faves would be Ada Georgina, Ada Maris, Ada Romilly, and Ada Pomeline.

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