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    The Gwen factor!

    I dearly love my husband but sometimes he drives me to the point of insanity! For those who haven't seen my posts in recent months I had a hard time even getting my husband to discuss names with me, he vetoed every name I suggested and he wouldn't give any reasoning to it.. I'm not sure what made him suddenly change his mind but he eventually agreed to Guinevere Glenda, making me a very happy lady. He does have reservations about it, especially about the spelling but I thought overall he was happy. We settled on it a while ago but then a couple days ago he goes and brings up Gwendolyn. Sigh. I like Gwendolyn too, nearly as much as I like Guinevere. Now he has the thoroughly confused (AGAIN!). I love the nickname Gwen (although I saw it on a 10 most ugly nicknames list yesterday, haha) and he seems happier with Gwendolyn than Guinevere. I think people outside Nameberry might find Gwendolyn less weird that Guinevere, even though I know that shouldn't matter.I know Gwendolen is the original spelling but I prefer Gwendolyn, that's not crazy is it?

    If we went with Gwendolyn Glenda doesn't work for me, it feels far to "L heavy". The middles we have considered all have personal meaning...
    Glenda (Family name)
    Helen (Family name)
    Ruth (Family name)
    Harriet (Variation of my Maiden name)

    I just need some input. Middle names, should I compromise, etc. Anything really!

    This is a comprise I would actually feel comfortable making. I just feel very very confused right now.

    Our other daughters are Elizabeth Hope and Annabelle Cadence, not sure if that should make any difference lol.

    I've been namestorming middle name ideas. Berries what do you think of Gwendolyn Pearl?
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    Gwendolyn Ruth is by far the best combo.

    Which ever spelling you decide to go with Gwendolyn/Gwendolen it's fine both ways. I think you'll find most people prefer it spelled Gwendolyn.
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    I too would go for Gwendolyn Ruth - Guinevere is so beautiful, but its tragic associations make it a no-go-name for me. Good luck!

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    I'm glad you're coming to a compromise! I too prefer Gwendolyn Ruth...would it help to ask your husband which he likes most out of Gwendolyn Ruth and Guinevere Glenda? Then hopefully you can put your naming mind to rest, maybe!
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    I really like Gwendolyn with the y- i know its not the official spelling but its used almost as much... if not more..

    Id choose Gwendolyn over Guinevere,

    I agree that Gwendolyn Ruth is the best combo...

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