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    Baby boy on the way

    We have a baby brother for our Emmanuelle (Ellie) Cait on the way. Any ideas for our little man that go with his sisters name?

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    Emmanuelle makes me think you might like a more unheard of Biblical name with a cute nickname.
    Thaddeus - Thad
    Malachi - Kai
    Phineas - Finn
    Abraham - Abe

    What other kinds of names do you like?
    names we love
    Mae Evelyn • Lila Eve • Liv Eleanor
    Benjamin Archer • Liam Harvey • Owen Evander
    names I love
    Nora Adeline • Evelina Claire • Iris Abigail • Ada Violet • Ella Xanthe
    Jonah Matthew • Reid Joshua • Ronan Isaac • Jack Ezra • Levi William

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    Oh, Emmanuelle and Thaddeus sound amazing together! I also like Emmanuelle and Ferdinand (nn Finn), just off the top of my head. Do you have any idea of what boys names you like?

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    Thank you for your help. Loving the sound of Phineas, Benedict or Malachi. We were thinking possibly Edward (Eddie), Leonidas (Leo) or Theodore (Theo) or even Winston (Winnie). Names that are a bit oldschool, historic or just a bit different seem to be where we're headed.

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