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Thread: Alfred

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    What do you think of the name? My SO really loves it because it was his grandfather's name, but all I can think of is Batman's butler...

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    I definitely could see this as the new George. Alfred is a vintage name that's ready for a comeback. It's being used quietly by discerning parents akin to Albert or Archibald. Shouldn't it be on the hipster list? It's bound for a comeback.
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    I think it is cute! Alfie is a cute nickname and is very popular in the UK as a first name.

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    Alfred's lovely. There's plenty of Alfie's in London, but I never meet ones with full name Alfred (I think). I, being the geek I am, think Batman's butler's an awesome association! I mean, how cool is he? Not exactly an ordinary butler... Then there's Alfred Lord Tennyson who wrote some of the most beautiful poetry ever written, and Alfred Hitchcock the filmmaker.
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    it's not for me, but I think Alfred is cute! not to mention a little Alfie!
    I like the batman association
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