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    Rosalie nn Sally...too much of a stretch?

    I'm loving the name Sally but Sarah is way too common for me and I don't know if I'd want to use Sally as a full first name (what do you guys think?) Someone suggested Rosalie to me which I love but I don't know if the nickname Sally is too much of a stretch. Thoughts? Sister would be Beatrice nn Betty
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    I think it is too much of a stretch, yes. Maybe other berries have suggestions for names to get to nn Sally?
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    No it's not too much of a stretch.
    It just seems that way as Rose and Rosie tend to be the nn the name more easily lends itself to

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    Sally is not my style at all, but Rosalie is lovely, and I find the idea of Sally as a nickname for Rosalie quite clever and fresh. Go for it!
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    I think it's wayyyyyy too much of a stretch.

    I'd suggest Salma or Salome. Both are great names that can be a bit more 'mature' than Sally if she prefers something more serious as an adult.
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