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    Is this a stretch?

    Hi Berries!
    I've taken a liking to the name Jane. I'm not really worried about it being too plain or anything, it's a classic. Short, sweet, recognizable, and grows with age. Classy. I was wondering if it would be too big of a stretch to honor my father, James, with Jane. I just don't like Jamie for a girl and I know so many little James right now. I know Jane is a feminization of John, but would it work in this situation?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I think it could work, as the sound of the two names is quite similar! Plus I know people who honor family just by using the same initials, and Jane and James both are "J" names.
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    I think it works well, actually. If I met a little Jane, and her mother told me her name honors her grandfather, James, I would be impressed because I think subtle connections are just as meaningful but lets the child be a little more original. I doubt anyone would argue "Oh, but Jane is a variation of John, not James"
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    Yes I think it would work in this situation

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    The sounds are very similar, so I think it works.
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