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  • Delphine Paloma

    7 10.29%
  • Delphine Astoria

    9 13.24%
  • Delphine Jemima

    2 2.94%
  • Delphine Maeva

    4 5.88%
  • Delphine Mauve

    5 7.35%
  • Delphine Matilda

    14 20.59%
  • Delphine Noor

    5 7.35%
  • Delphine Olympia

    13 19.12%
  • Delphine Oriana

    6 8.82%
  • Delphine Rhiannon

    3 4.41%
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    Jul 2012
    Delphine Astoria is breathtaking!

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    Jul 2013
    Cecily Melody Valerie Bridget Amoret Amethyst Charlotte Rosamund Nimue Valkyrie Lenore Seraphina Flora Alma Saskia Aurora Doroteja Eliska Magdalena Helena Ravenna Georgina Elaine Rosalyn Beatrice Alice
    Thorin Robin Sylvan Amadeus Magnus Lucius Clarence Edmund Edward Desmond Raphael Marcel Pascal Emil Arthur Lysander Gaspar Edgar Harvey Wesley Percy Ludwig Beowulf Frey Erik Gustav

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    Delphine Olympia is simply lovely. Longer names really suit a short last name and both are as beautiful as each other. Great naming style!X
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    Delphine Olympia is just exquisite, but Delphine Paloma was such a close second! Good luck, your naming style is gorgeous

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    OC, Califonia
    Delphine Olympia is beautiful. Also her initials would be DOT, which is adorable.
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