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    Middle names for Story

    Thanks everyone for commenting and voting in my previous posts. I think my husband and I have settled on Story for our baby girl due December. (I know it's not everyones cup of tea). I am looking for a middle name now.

    Top contenders are

    Story Helena
    Story Juliette
    Story Seraphine

    Older daughter is Ever Soleil. Would love opinions and suggestions. Thanks!!!

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    I think I like Story Juliette from your list. The only problem I see with middle names for Story is you may want to stay away from characters from a story, otherwise it's almost too over the top. Story Juliette sounds lovely, but Juliette is a pretty famous fictional character. I love Seraphine, not sure how I feel about the alliteration though. I'd have to mull it over for a bit.

    Ever Soleil is gorgeous, btw.

    Maybe something French?

    Story Faustine
    Story Boheme
    Story Yvette
    Story Mazarine
    Story Delphine
    Story Genevieve
    Story Ondine
    Story Estelle
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    I like Story Helena.

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    Thanks for the opinions. I love French names and my husband is Greek so those are two groups of names to consider. I see what you mean about Juliette. Keep the suggestions coming!!

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