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    Beatriz - Spanish Beatrice
    Aloisa - German Louisa
    Amalia - Czech Amelia
    Alisa - Russian & Spanish Alice
    Aveline - Irish Evelyn

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    @niteowl13 - I know, I love it when this happens and there are so many wonderful suggestions!

    @valerie2 - Thank you, Giuliana is very pretty, but it ends with -a like Carlotta... My fussiness refuses to subside regarding that aspect, I'm afraid. And similarly with Moira, if it weren't for Marguerite... Thank you anyway - any excuse to see beautiful names!

    @emilyva - Ines, Olena and Yulia (love this one!) are so lovely - thank you for the thought and time you put in!

    @kacey1010 - Beatriz is one I have considered using, or Beatrice pronounced the Italian way (bay-ah-TREE-chay) but Alisa is nice also. Thank you so much!

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    Antonella (Italian)

    Eleanor = Leonor (Spanish/Port.), Leonore (German)

    Frances = Francine (French), Francesca (Italian), Franciszka (Polish), Franziska [nn Ziska] (German), Franca (Italian)

    Georgia = Georgette and Georgine [nn Gigi] (French), Georgina (German), Giorgia and Giorgina (Italian)
    Grace = Grazia and Graziella (not technically an Italian version of Grace, but "grazia" is a cognate of "grace" so think this still could work)

    Hannah = Hanna (Swedish), Hannele (Finnish)

    Jacqueline = Zaklina (Polish/Czech), Giachetta (Italian)
    Jean/Joanna = Ioanna (Greek), Jeannine and Jeannette (French), Janina [YAH-nee-na] (Polish)

    Louise = Lovisa (Swedish), Ludovica and Luigia (Italian), Luisa (Spanish/Port.)

    Sarah = Sarit (Hebrew), Sarika (Hungarian)

    Theresa = Therese (French), Tereza (Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian and Portuguese), Theresia (German, Dutch and Swedish), Terezia (Hungarian and Slovak)

    Veronica = Veronique (French)
    "Don't try to be modern, it's the most old-fashioned thing there is," - Attilio, The Tiger and the Snow

    Domenico/Dominic, Gianfranco/Gianpaolo, Giacomo, Antonio, Raphael, Calogero, Leopold, Angelo, Giorgio, Alban, Malachi, Dante, Mirek, Dario, Lionel, Asa
    Katarina/Caterina, Irena, Silvia, Aniela, Delfina, Raffaella, Apollonia, Cecilia, Pasqualina, Rosina, Josephine, Allegra, Alba, Leokadia, Bronya, Adrasteia, Vincenza, Althea, Eurydice, Regina, Mirella, Arianell, Sonia, Talia, Leonie

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    @teacherma - Therese and Theresia especially are beautiful! Sarit and Ioanna are also intriguing - thank you very much for your suggestions

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