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    Magical girls names

    I have trouble finding the magical girls combos. Nothing seems right! Help me make some magical name combinations.

    These are names I like:
    Eva, Melody, Rosalind, Cecily, Alma, Emma, Daphne, Elodie, Poppy, Morgana, Freya, Flora, Fiona, Charlotte, Belphoebe, Georgina, Ava, Maris, Elena, Alice, Leda, Ada, Eliza, Elise, Mabel, Layla, Aurora, Lena, Bianca, Winter, Lila, Mila, Brigita, Brunhild, Briony, Arcadia, Leontine, Melora, Melisande, Melusine, Cosima, Callista, Romilly and Pomeline.

    My top favorite names from list are:
    Freya, Melody, Elodie, Charlotte, Belphoebe, Leda, Leontine, Melusine, Callista and Romilly.

    I would like each combo to have unusual middle name, but that's not a requirement. I would appreciate any help in making combos.
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    If you do not like my style, just write two pairs of combination and that's it.

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    Mommy to
    Noah William,
    Elianna (Ella) Beatrice and
    Joseph (Joss) Arthur

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    Thanks, they are lovely (Melody Aurora, Freya Morgana, swoon, etc.), but I would prefer if berries stick with names I suggested. Thanks.

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    Melody Leda
    Winter Melisande
    Eva Callista
    Mabel Cecily
    Daphne Flora
    Brunhild Arcadia
    Blythe Echo Gwendolyn (Echo)
    Eulalie Blake Euphemia (Poet)
    Boheme Ireland Kate (Bowie?)

    Viktor Wolfgang (Wolf)
    Penn Digby Sullivan
    Bayard Fenton James (Bear)

    Others: Beau (m), Plum, Penelope, Scotland, Hero

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