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    Magical girls names

    I have trouble finding the magical girls combos. Nothing seems right! Help me make some magical name combinations.

    These are names I like:
    Eva, Melody, Rosalind, Cecily, Alma, Emma, Daphne, Elodie, Poppy, Morgana, Freya, Flora, Fiona, Charlotte, Belphoebe, Georgina, Ava, Maris, Elena, Alice, Leda, Ada, Eliza, Elise, Mabel, Layla, Aurora, Lena, Bianca, Winter, Lila, Mila, Brigita, Brunhild, Briony, Arcadia, Leontine, Melora, Melisande, Melusine, Cosima, Callista, Romilly and Pomeline.

    My top favorite names from list are:
    Freya, Melody, Elodie, Charlotte, Belphoebe, Leda, Leontine, Melusine, Callista and Romilly.

    I would like each combo to have unusual middle name, but that's not a requirement. I would appreciate any help in making combos.
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    If you do not like my style, just write two pairs of combination and that's it.

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    Thanks, they are lovely (Melody Aurora, Freya Morgana, swoon, etc.), but I would prefer if berries stick with names I suggested. Thanks.

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    Melody Leda
    Winter Melisande
    Eva Callista
    Mabel Cecily
    Daphne Flora
    Brunhild Arcadia
    Name lists still under construction

    Holliday Astrid Mabel
    January Iris Aurelia
    Gretel Sunflower/ Ireland Kate
    Fauna Flannery Elizabeth
    Ingrid Lilou Josephine

    Bingham Fox

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