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    Mom to:
    Beatrice Rose (Bea)
    Sylvia Alice (Sylvie)

    If we have a third child one day:
    Charlotte (Lottie) Jane, Emma Juliet, Isadora Claire, Nora Clementine, Lucy Eleanor, Camille Austen, Elodie May or Vivian Briony
    Felix Bennett, Oliver James, Leo Benjamin, Henry Gabriel, Jack Vincent or Simon Alexander

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    Antigone - I know the most lovely little Antigone. It's a beautiful name, and would make a smashing sister for Ignatius.
    Araminta - I can't convince you on this, it's one of those incredibly stuffy upper class old lady in an ancient manor all by herself with a scary pet snake-cat names.
    Aurora - No! Only middle? But it's so pretty! I love Aurora. The northern lights and all.
    Beatrice - Beautiful Beatrice. Beatrice Portinari (Rossetti's Beata Beatrice? Swoon!!!!) and Much Ado are both gorgeous reasons to use this name.
    Clementine - Gorgeous sweet Clementine. One of my friends is a Clementine, so I do love this name very much. So happy!
    Cordelia - I find this uncharming. But it's quite pretty, just so lifeless.
    Drusilla - Swoon alert! Drusilla is fantastical. I adore this, Ignatius and Drusilla!
    Florence - Very pretty, the area I live in is flooded with Florences though, so it's started to seem rather common to me. But it's a lovely name, and all the girls I meet by this name are pretty, clean and polite.
    Harriet - Harriet's very sweet. I like it much more than I should.
    Hermione - Lovely, this is one of my favourites for you. Rupert & Hermione (okay, maybe too Harry Potter-ish, but they sound great together).
    Isla - Good, move this dull name to the middle. I'd take it off entirely, but that's your choice. Isla is so common where I live, and unlike Florence they're not little charmers. They're always the ones screaming with snot under their noses.
    Matilda - Lovely, and who wouldn't want Roald Dahl's Marilda as a namesake?
    Millicent - I never liked this, so I'm glad you moved it to the middle spot.
    Octavia - Oh no. Octavia's so gorgeous! But it does make a fantastic middle as well.
    Olive - I think Olive's charming, maybe because of the little girl in Little Miss Sunshine. I adore that movie, and she's a cutiepie.
    Ottilie - Well, what can I say. I think it's beautiful and elegant.
    Persephone - Beautiful and quirky classy. I like this name very much.
    Rosalind - Oh, Rosalind. I think it's stunning, nothing to be unsure about. Ignatius and Rosalind. Wow, I really like Ignatius for you. Might have to pop over to the boy thread and rearrange my top five.
    Sibyl - I don't like Sibyl, but I adore Sybilla. I think Sybilla and Ottilie would be amazing sisters.
    Violet - Very very pretty, but that's as far as it goes.

    Top five:
    Florence or Clementine
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    top 5 for me:

    Cordelia - im in love with this name and using it for my future daughter for sure
    Hermione - don't like the english pronunciation that much thou ( i know its originally english and blabla but it sounds better in hungarian to me) still think its a lovely name
    Florence - its sweet
    Matilda- nice
    Drusilla - sounds really fresh
    writing a novel and not having babies anytime soon.

    girls: Nina, Sage, Blair, Penelope nn: Poppy/Posey/Lola, Cordelia, Cecily/Cecelia/Celia, Amelia, Hazel, Willow
    boys: Damian, Emmett, Nathan, Chase, Nathaniel, Jesse, Blaise, Dash

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    My Favorites:
    a) Florence
    b) Ottilie
    c) Olive
    d) Sibyl
    The others were either not my style, or I couldn't picture a little baby girl having a name like those. Ollie is a great nn for Olive, which I like b/c Olivia is dried up from overuse and the major spike in popularity. I used to love the name Olivia with Livvie for a nn.
    Wren is a cute nn for Florence, or maybe Lorie(lorikeet is a type of parrot and Lori for short)
    Ottilie is pretty, cute, and I just love it the way it is.
    Sibyl seems underused, possibly under-appreciated and misunderstood. My mom wanted to name me this, but, she went with Ashley instead. A tad different than Sibyl!

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    Here my top 5 in the order they appear on the list. You have some lovely names on here:

    Octavia (even though you said only as a middle)

    The honorable mentions:

    Mother, Hellenic Pagan Priestess, and Resident Greek name expert ^_^ Call me Dantea or Remy

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