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  • I love Silver and would use it

    5 7.58%
  • I like Silver and may put it on my list

    12 18.18%
  • I do not like Silver and would not use it

    40 60.61%
  • I can't decide

    9 13.64%
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    first i heard of it on a 'person' was a character on the 90210 remake

    beside the name being over the top, the character ruined it even more
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    I think that Silver would be forever correcting people re her name ie "My name is not sylvia. This lady named Silver said it was a family name used as a mn for males until she came along.
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    I have liked it for quite a long time but I dont find it that surprising on a girl, its on 90210 x

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    I vote for I like it and may put it on my list (but for a boy)!
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    Not a huge fan, but I like it as a middle name - I also think it sounds WAY better as a girl's name than it does for a boy.

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