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    Aphrodite- Love this! It is romantic and unique yet familiar.
    Artemis : possible combo Artemis Grey- I prefer Artemisia for a girl and I don't like it paired with Grey.
    Niobe pr . Ny - oh - bee ( althought i pr . different )- Love this too. A beautiful name.
    Persephone- One of my favourites but some people have pronunciation problems.
    Pandora ( although i hate the nn Panda & Dora )- I love the nn Panda but it's fine that you don't. I love this name but think that the associations with Pandora's box at a crude level can't be ignored.
    Iole vs Isolde ( cant decide . help )- Isolde is definitely my favourite out of the two.

    To conclude my favourites are Aphrodite, Niobe and Persephone.
    Name lists still under construction

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    Names that meet my approval:
    Aphrodite - This might be too over the top, but I do think its pretty. Especially paired with something less feminine.
    Artemis - Love the name Artemis! Love nn Artie. IMO you should pair this with something feminine since it has a fairly masculine sound.
    Cassandra - Love Cassandra if only for the Insane Trojan princess connection.
    Elektra - This is not my style but I like it more than some of your other options. I think of Carmen Elektra.
    Persephone - I like this with nn Persy, I'm not a fan of Sephy though.
    Pandora - I like Pandora. I think it will be easy enough to avoid nn Dora and Panda, you just have to start calling her by a different nn instead.
    Isolde - Love. This is a surprisingly sweet option considering the rest of your list.
    Eleusis - I like this in my head, how do you pronounce it?
    Nemea - Also how do you pronounce this?

    My favourites are Aphrodite, Artemis, Cassandra, Pandora & Isolde

    Names I dislike:
    Anastasia - Too frilly and/or nasal sounding.
    Juliet - Terrible namesake. I do like Junia, would that fit your style?
    Lyonesse - This seems like a name for a fantasy character, not a person. What career path fits someone named Lyonesse?
    Lupin - I think of Lupin from the Harry Potter series. And he was a dude.
    Iole - I prefer Isolde, the way I'm reading Iole does not sound attractive.
    Hekate - I don't really hate it, but I do't particularly like it.
    Orseis - I know this was a greek nymph but it sounds masculine to me, like its an attempted feminization of Orson or Orpheus or something.
    Isabella - Isobel is better.
    Dysis - No.
    Niobe - I like the origins of this name but I don't like it in actual practice.
    Briseis - I think this is a little too bizarre.
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    Artemis : possible combo Artemis Grey
    Isabella ( moving to the middle )
    Dysis ( new )
    Eleusis ( new )
    Niobe pr . Ny - oh - bee ( althought i pr . different )
    Briseis pr . bri-say-is ( see above )
    Pandora ( althought i hate the nn Panda & Dora )
    Nemea ( someone amazing suggest this to me with the nn Lion )
    Iole vs Isolde ( cant decide . help )
    Hekate ( middle )
    Orseis ( not sure on that )

    Artemis is my favorite, and a goddess is masculine? Just wondering... I love it with --

    Artemis Isabella
    Artemis Juliet

    The one problem with Artemis is that I think it might become the next (more offbeat) Isabel.

    I think Anastasia is adorable, and I would love to meet babies with this n

    I appreciate your unusual, literary tastes, but I think sometimes it goes over the top (as far as I am concerned), such as Lupin. In English, it is spikey, unattractive plant. In French "lapin" is rabbit, and in Latin "lupus" is wolf. I am hearing all this in the background, and none of it says "baby name" to me. I also think Iole and Lyonesse are not working.

    For your consideration:


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    Thanks everyone!!!

    @ bonnie1107 : I only knew that lupin means wolf. I didnt know about the other meanings,thanks for telling me. I also love your suggestions!! Cressida & Veronese are lovely.
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