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    Lightbulb Brutal honest opinion on my new list part 2 . Lets make the list smaller !!

    Hi , berries !! i have been thinking a lot lately and i make a new list because the other one was very terrible ( my own list , no BF impact ) ,

    My new list :

    Artemis : possible combo Artemis Grey
    Isabella ( moving to the middle )
    Dysis ( new )
    Eleusis ( new )
    Niobe pr . Ny - oh - bee ( althought i pr . different )
    Briseis pr . bri-say-is ( see above )
    Pandora ( althought i hate the nn Panda & Dora )
    Nemea ( someone amazing suggest this to me with the nn Lion )
    Iole vs Isolde ( cant decide . help )
    Hekate ( middle )
    Orseis ( not sure on that )

    I know that a lot might seem strange to you but iam okay with them .

    Like the other list , you can be as brutal as you want

    Hopefully after that i can make my top 10 .

    combos or suggestions are always welcome .

    Thanks in advance .
    “And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,.”

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    My favorites are Aphrodite, Cassandra, Elektra, Pandora, Persephone and Isolde.

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    Isolde - Iole looks and sounds weird.
    Pandora - Although you'd better think of another nn quick smart!


    Artemis - I know it's a woman's name, but it's so masculine-sounding, especially with mn Grey.
    Isabella - It's lovely, but it's incredibly popular (might be okay as a mn).
    Hekate - I'd vastly prefer Hecate.

    I think all the names in the "good" category are solid, but all the names in the "bad" category aren't just names I don't like much - I think they're pretty awful. My top three would be: Anastasia, Cassandra and Pandora.
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    Aphrodite: Toss! This is just so much name to live up to. I would think, "What if I have a rough-and-tumble tomboy or a shy bookworm and here she is named after the goddess of love, beauty and sex!" Unless you have Greek heritage where this is truly a traditional name, I would set it aside.
    Anastasia: Keep! It's over the top and frilly but I would still enjoy seeing a little girl with this name.
    Artemis : Keep! I do get what the previous poster said about it having a rather masculine sound, a la Aramis. But unlike Aphrodite, I think this name is wearable in day to day life for any type of girl. Artie or Emi or Missy would all be cute nicknames. Still I wouldn't combine it with Grey, since that makes it even MORE masculine, to me. Suggest: Artemis Day.
    Isabella: Toss! The world is full of Isabellas, and it is a beautiful name. But you have such eclectic taste: don't settle for something too "safe" or you might kick yourself later.
    Dysis - Keep - for now! I like the meaning and it's unusual yet easy to spell. But it kind of reminds me of Dyson vacuums and someone yelling "Die, sis!" :/
    Eleusis - Keep - for now! The spelling might trip people up but I think it's pretty. nn Lusi (Lucy)!
    Niobe - Toss! I like the name (the look and sound), but the story behind it is violent and depressing.
    Briseis -Toss! Pronunciation and spelling issues all her life, and not pretty enough in my view to be worth it.
    Cassandra - Toss! Although I hate to say it, because it's so pretty, but - see "Isabella."
    Elektra - Keep - for now! I totally get the "cool factor" of this name, but I would hate to be named this because of all the electric jokes.
    Persephone - Keep! Her mythology is a little bit dark, but not like Niobe. It is unusual yet wearable for all ages.
    Pandora - Toss! If you don't like the most likely nicknames, cut it now and save yourself the worrying.
    Juliet - Keep! The most common one I vote for keeping - it's just a lovely name and less commonly given as a first name than a middle name it seems like.
    Nemea - Keep! If it's pronounced "nehMAYuh." Exotic but approachable.
    Lyonesse - Toss! All life long: "Your mother named you Lioness? Was she on a safari?" etc. I couldn't.
    Lupin - Toss! Remus Lupin the male Harry Potter werewolf, aka "Moony!"
    Iole - Toss! Looks weird, I forget and think "eye-ole" (rhymes with hole).
    Isolde - Keep - for now ! Classic and wearable but will have pronunciation issues.
    Hekate - Keep (in the middle)!
    Orseis - Toss! Sounds even more masculine than Artemis!

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    Thanks everyone for your opinions

    @sarahmezz : From Pandora i kind love the Ana ( think of it right now !! Love it !! )
    @peanut : Well , Iam Greek so Aphrodite isnt unusual to me
    And I like Artemis Day !! Very lovely .

    Please keep the opinions coming
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    “And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,.”

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