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    I love a lot of the names on your list, so this was tricky!


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    My top 5:
    Clara (LOVE)
    Sylvia (I prefer Sylvie though )
    Great list!


    Clara Lily, Rose Madeleine, Belle (need mn), Tessa Charlotte. Lucy, Emma, Elsa, Maggie, Lena, Lily, Leah, Lila, Ella, Aria, Annabel, Ivy, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Talia
    Seth Alexander, James (need mn), William Samuel. Luke, Caleb, Leo, Liam, Samuel, Jacob.
    Loving life, God, my family, my friends, books, writing, the ocean and volleyball!
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    Top 5:
    Violet- LOVE this name!
    Jane- classic and not at all common anymore, also Janie is a cute nickname

    Bottom 5:
    Ursula- many people might think of the large, unattractive octopus from the little mermaid
    Penelope- pretty, but seems to be too trendy right now
    Saffron- something I would name a cat
    Lucille- too old, maybe Lucy instead?
    Henrietta- isn't a very graceful name, but I do like the nickname Etta

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I couldn't just narrow it to a top 5.

    1. Audrey
    2. Clara
    3. Daphne
    4. Edith
    5. Eleanor
    6. Iris
    7. Lydia
    8. Penelope
    9. Sylvia
    10. Violet

    I would love to see this as a top 10, though!
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    Isabelle + Arianne + Olivia + Violet + Charlotte + Emmeline + Eleni + Grace + Eva + Catherine + Zoe
    Caleb + Everett + Jack + Avery + Samuel + Zane + Declan + Caspar + Grant + Rory
    Zoe + Adeline + Felicity + Isla + Aurora + Ella + Kaia + Audrey + Carolina + Leona
    Schuyler + Judah + Atticus + Boaz + Emerson + Thomas + Larkin + Dashiell + River + Rowan

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    Great names! Here are some of your favorites grouped as if they were siblings - Maybe this will help narrow it down.

    Anne, Jane, Eleanor, Lydia, and Harriet (Jane Austen, lol)

    Alice, Lucille, Mabel, Edith, and Florence

    Audrey, Blythe, Violet, Florence, and Daphne

    Cecilia "Cece", Miranda "Mira", Cordelia "Delia", Henrietta "Etta", and Sylvia "Sylvie"

    Rosalind, Sylvia, Margot, Daphne, and Mattea

    Susannah, Rosalind, Cordelia, Harriet, and Lucille

    My favorites
    Audrey Eleanor
    Clara Violet
    Lydia Blythe
    Iris Lucille
    Greta Saffron
    Proud Tante to beautiful princess and a handsome prince

    Girls - Emma Rose Audrey, Amelia Kimberlin, Helena Anneliese, Priscilla Imogen, Lavinia Opal, Elsa Lorraine, Kerensa Violet, Agatha Lucille, Lela Hannelore, Celia Evangeline, Jordana Ivy, Zuzana Bethany, Cassia, Bettina, Linnea, Annora/Aurora

    Boys - a work in progress

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