View Poll Results: Please help us choose for girl #2

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  • Esperanza / Esparanza

    11 12.64%
  • Athena

    33 37.93%
  • Indira

    36 41.38%
  • Valencia

    22 25.29%
  • Pandora

    17 19.54%
  • Middle Name: Sage

    49 56.32%
  • Middle Name: Saffron

    11 12.64%
  • Middle Name: Coral

    22 25.29%
  • OTHER - Please leave your suggestions below

    1 1.15%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jul 2013

    *New Poll* Help us choose for Girl #2

    Sorry guys I messed up the last poll & it was bugging me so I redid it!

    Looking to see what you like best with big sister Azula Rosemary.
    Would love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions below as well.

    (PS: If we're lucky, this will be the last time I bother you all with my lists!)
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    Had to redo this poll to say Athena instead of Azula (whoops!).

    Sage & Saffron are moving to the middle name spot because they are herbal like Rosemary.
    And Coral is getting bumped to the middle name spot as well because as well as being naturey it is similar to my husband's first name.
    New username is @ truenature

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    Jul 2013
    I adore the names Valencia and Coral.
    I love the name Azula as well.

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    I think Indira Sage goes nicely with Azula Rosemary.
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    I like Pandora Sage as a combo .
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