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    I like all your names. A few comments:

    Popularity doesn't bother me, but if you think Emma is too common, I love Gemma! Did your wife say why she doesn't like it?

    I like Amelia, but I like it spelled Emilia instead. Just looks more elegant to me.

    Oliver and Olivia are probably too close for cousins, unless they only see each other once a year or something.

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    Camila Daisy is my favourite name from your list and simple lovely with Matteo Jose. Great choice of names and all the best of luck! Keep us updated X
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    Matteo Jose & Camila Daisy would be perfection! Such gorgeous names

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    Hey! Instead of Anna have you considered Ana? It sounds so lovely with Matteo.
    Ana Josephine Sounds gorgeous. (Hey if and when you have a third we will help you the middle name of that one..)
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    What about Odilia? It goes very well with your last name. It isn't a common name in the English speaking word but seems to be relatively common in the Spanish speaking word. Odilia's also relatively common for English speakers.
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