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50. You may not vote on this poll
  • Esparanza

    5 10.00%
  • Azula

    8 16.00%
  • Indira

    15 30.00%
  • Sage

    6 12.00%
  • Saffron

    9 18.00%
  • Valencia

    11 22.00%
  • Isobel

    11 22.00%
  • Zia

    4 8.00%
  • Pandora

    11 22.00%
  • Coral

    11 22.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Athena-But I can't vote for it. Re do poll!
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    My favourite from your list with Azula is Indira... I think Zula and Indi/zuzu and Indi are perfect together! I think Indigo is a better fit with Azula though... They are adorable siblings in my book... Though maybe too much of a blue theme ! I think Azula is so unusual and quirky that she needs an equally quirky rather than say Isobel I'd go Isabeau or Bellatrix, rather than Sage i'd go Lilac, Plum or Blossom, rather than Coral I'd go Coralie or Sapphire. Randomly, I also really like Azula and Eulalie as siblings....

    Absolutely LOVE Azula btw!!
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    Following from above...I must say, Esparanza is pretty magnificent with Azula too... Though I'm not the hugest fan of the name...

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    Athena is gorgeous! I also like Isobel and Pandora!

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    Haha I'm getting so irritated with this poll saying Azula instead of Athena. I'm closing the thread & doing it over! Sorry guys

    lemonthistle - Thanks! We get a lot of mixed (really mostly negative) responses for our choice with Azula, but I really adore it.

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