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    I think we make a big deal out of nothing . Parents choose other more important desisions for their kids , a piercing ear hurt them ? Its not like we decide something that will change their lives .The holes will closed eventially if the kid doesnt want them and i higly doudt they are going to be hurt espessially when they are babies and dont understand .

    I just dont like when i hear people say that piercining ears on a baby is for low class . What that suppose to mean ? You know rich people can be trashy too.Everyone can be trashy .
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    I've already commented, but I'd like to add that I'm against any type of body modification of infants, including circumcision and pierced ears. A baby is so perfect. I don't understand why anybody would want to change it in any way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkballerina View Post
    I have many reasons for not piercing my baby's ears.

    1. I think it looks tacky.
    2. I will not put my child through unnecessary pain for the sake of sparkly studs.
    3. It should be her decision to modify her body, not mine. It is not my body to make permanent decisions for.
    4. I would be worried she would catch them on something and hurt herself or pull on them and give herself on infection.
    5. Baby's are beautiful without them, they don't need jewellery! Plenty of time to wear jewellery when they actually understand what it is.
    6. If it went wrong, and her ear slit or something I would never forgive myself.
    7. Its an unnecessary purely cosmetic procedure.

    If they want it done when they are old enough to understand the concept, they can have it. I will allow them have it done when they fully understand the concept and understand how to look after them. At a minimum, my daughters would have to be at least 8 years old for me to even consider it.

    I would not pierce the ears of a baby under any circumstances. I get that its a cultural thing for some people, and have no problem with other people doing it. I just wouldn't do it with my own children.
    Amen sister!!

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    I will be waiting for my child to ask me, whether they be five or 13. I want it to be their decision. To each their own.
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    Well, when I was fourteen I went ahead and decided to start acting like a girl and got my ears pierced.

    Then two weeks ago I gave myself a second hole in my right ear, using a sewing needle. Maybe someday I'll do the other one, or my cartilage, or my lip, or my nose, or my eyebrow.

    Man, if my parents had pierced my ears when I was a baby, this sense of freedom and control I have over my body simply wouldn't exist. I wouldn't be the same free, independent soul I am today. I'd just be some cookie cutter kid without the ability to think for myself.
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