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    I don't have kids, and did not have my ears pierced as a baby, BUT my aunt had her twin girls' ears pierced, and while everyone told her how cute they looked, they called her white trash behind her back for doing it. Like, almost everyone judged her pretty harshly for it. The girls are four now, and only one of them still has the earrings, and they get infected pretty frequently because she is always messing with them.
    I plan to wait until my children are old enough to be able to care for them properly.

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    I was 10 when I had my ears pierced. I wanted it, I understood what the piercing process would be like, and I was responsible for taking care of myself afterward (though my mother did supervise me). My mother made an event out of it for the two of us; my ears were done, we had a little spa treatment, had a fancy lunch, went to a "grown-up"--meaning not animated--movie, etc. It's almost 30 years later, and I still remember how I felt...not the pain of it, but being happy and excited, feeling so close to my mom, and feeling oh-so-adult as probably only a kid can feel. I actually remember that day better than most Christmases from my childhood, and I'm grateful my mother never considered having it done when I was a baby because of that.

    Personally, I would wait to pierce my daughter's ears until she was at least in the 9-12 age range both because 1) I firmly believe people should have a say in any unnecessary cosmetic body modification they undergo, and 2) I would want to replicate the same special day my mother gave me. That said, where I live, infant ear piercing is practically a cultural touchstone for some people. A good friend of mine, for example, gets flak both from other Hispanic moms and from her relatives in Mexico because neither of her preschool-aged daughters have pierced ears.

    I think part of me will always be unhappy at the sight of a baby with pierced ears--I can't quite shake that gut tacky! reaction--but every parent makes their own choices, and in the grand scheme of things, this is small potatoes. If you're determined to do it, conventional wisdom is that 3-6 months is the way to go.
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    I personally wouldn't do it, but I know many people who have. It's kind of a tradition in Hispanic cultures to pierce a baby's ears. My in-laws wanted to get my daughter's done (my husband is actually 1/4 Puerto Rican, despite his 100% Irish name and appearance). I said no because I don't even have my ears pierced, I don't have the heart to poke unnecessarily extra holes in my baby, and I've heard horror stories of the studs getting caught on clothing and tearing the earlobe. I just don't think it's worth the risk. If you decide to do it, definitely see if your pediatrician can do it, I know our doctor does. It's much cleaner and safer. Definitely don't take her to the mall!
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    I'm always confused by the overwhelmingly negative reaction on this forum to pierced ears at a young age. When people talk about body modifications in that politely horrified tone, it sounds like they're discussing spacers and tattoos and such to me, which is a whole different ballpark than pierced ears. Maybe that means I have a double-standard?

    My own personal experience was that my parents got my ears pierced before I turned two, because I was bald and had a cross-gender name, and they got sick of everyone saying, "Oh, what a cute little boy!" Of course, when I was little pierced ears was more of a strictly girl thing than it is now. I never regretted having my ears pierced before I was old enough to consent, and when a girl in my first-grade class said she and her family disapproved of pierced ears, I actually got really offended!

    I DID have an infection in about the second grade, after which I thought the holes had closed up. (The infection was entirely my own fault, I had this Lisa Frank jewelry making set and all the earring hooks were can see how that went badly. I waited too long to tell my mom because I liked the earrings I'd made.) So I went without earrings for a long time until I got a beautiful sterling silver set as a gift, and "re-pierced" my ears with the earrings themselves. The holes hadn't closed up like I'd thought, they were just covered with a paper-thin layer of skin, so it wasn't painful to "re-pierce" them.

    At any rate, I strongly disagree with people who say it's tacky or white-trash, and I disagree with the idea that piercing your ears without your child's consent is a horrible thing to do. I never even gave it a second thought, aside from being curious enough to ask my parents why and when it happened. I do think if you wait, the idea of making it a special "big-girl" day is really beautiful!!
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    I think piercing a baby's ears is wrong and tacky too.

    I've never had any piercing of any kind and I never intend to get any. I'd be hopping mad if my parents had decided to pierce my ears without my permission as a BABY. Unnecessary bodily harm in the name of vanity? Yeah, no thanks. And it's not just the piercing, it's the potential for subsequent infections and having them ripped out (had I had them, that would've been highly likely right up until the age of about 15. I was a rough-and-tumble kid/teen). I just can't understand why they're needed, other than as an expression of the parents' vanity. It's not the same as wearing other jewellery. Bracelets don't hurt, you can take them off and they won't leave a permanent mark (admittedly I only know a couple of girls who had their ears pierced since infancy, but both have lopsided holes that won't heal over). I refute the claim that it's for gender distinction. Whatever happened to 'she's called Victoria' or just 'she's a girl, actually'?! And I struggle to see how they're classy; I've only seen them on the offspring of chavs. I think I'm just against the needless mutilation of babies :/

    Honestly, I wouldn't want a future daughter to feel like she has to get her ears pierced at all, but if she really wanted them, I'd wait until she is old enough to understand and is willing to go through pain to get them. That'll depend on her though, so I'm not sure what age minimum I'd put on it.

    OP, if I were you I'd wait until your little one is old enough to decide for herself, but if you're dead set on doing it then I'd recommend going to a doctor or somewhere properly certified (if there is that kind of thing where you are?)
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