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    piercing baby's ears, stories & recommendations?

    So my daughter is 4 months now & I always thought I would get her ears done early. Rumor claims it could be better before 6 months so they don't want to pay with them, & if you pass that you might as well wait into further toddler hood so they understand.

    So I'm kinda uncertain what I want to do here, any recommendations? How was it for your daughters & what age?

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    I'd wait to see if the child wants her ears pierced. It's rather unnecessary, unless she chooses to do it as a means of expressing herself. She may prefer to avoid the pain and permanent damage altogether.

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    I think babies with pierced ears is tacky. I'd never pierce my child's ears until they were old enough to want them pierced (like, at least eight years old, but older if possible).

    I had mine done when I was nine after begging my mother for two years.
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    I personally dont think that piercing your daughter's ears is tacky. I think it's adorable and most of the times classy.

    I had mine pierced when I was about 5 - 6 months. Although my mom did it because strangers were telling to her what a cute boy she had lol.
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    I'm on the fence about piercing Azula's ears.
    She's 14 months and I just think it'd look so darn cute.
    I would also like to spare her that first bit of peer pressure wanting to get pierced ears to "fit in". I feel like she could learn the wrong lesson if we wait til that age when all the girls start to ask for that kind of thing.

    I do agree that its unnecessary though at this age (or really at any age), and I know she would howl and pull on them so I am okay to wait for a bit too. Might do it when shes around 3?
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