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Thread: Silas

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    Catheyc. Didn't take it as a bad thing at all but so very sweet of you to check. I do love Edmund. I have not been able to convince dh but maybe he'd like it in a mn spot. Do you think Silas Edmond Valor is too much 2-2-2 syllable count. Our last name is also 2 syllables. Rockynrobyn I do like the flow of Silas Jamison Hugh. I am hesitating over how soft it sounds though. Thoughts on this?
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    I have a 6mo named Silas Walker. I adored the name Silas and after much effort talked my husband into using it. I went with Walker as a different, fun feel for a MN and also to add a western/cowboy feel to the name as my other 4 all have western names as well

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    I love Silas! I think something like Silas Hugo Brave would be brilliant, too--Hugo is another roundabout reference to his grandfather, and I think together, Silas Hugo (or even Silas Hugh, although Silas Hugh Brave doesn't flow as well. Silas Valor Hugh could work, though!) is a fitting tribute. Plus, Brave has always been my favorite virtue name for a boy! I think Freedom is pretty cool, too, although I'm not sure I'm brave enough to use it!
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    I really like Silas Edmumd - for a 2nd middle, how about:

    Silas Edmund True - has the great sound of Silas Edmund Hugh but with a virtue name. DH has a Truelove back in his history somewhere but I love True.

    Silas Jamison Hugh
    Silas Leon Hugh - lionheart

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    Silas is such a lovely name. I have heard of a little boy called Isaiah Courage which I love!

    Silas Jameson Neil would be very handsome.

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