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    New to Nameberry: Cora or Cara?

    Hi everyone! I just joined Nameberry, and I have a few questions. My main one is... what name do you prefer:
    Cora or Cara?

    I like both, but I wanted to get your guys opinions. Also, even though I'm new, I can already tell that there seems to be 'trolls' on this site. I mean, I look at birth announcements, and a lot of them seem quite fake. I won't name any, and I know it is pretty irrelevant for me to bring this up, but I just find it rude that some people think it's okay to fake a birth, when others can't conceive. Sorry for this little rant... anyways, Cora or Cara? Thank you, berries!

    Best regards,

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    Welcome to nameberry, raspberries 18!

    I much prefer the name Cora, while Cara is nice, Cora to me is vintage, charming, and classic!

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    Welcome to the Nameberry :-)

    I prefer Cara to Cora. To me Cara seem to be spunkier and more beautiful as a name.It age well and I would be happy to be named that. On the other hand I like Cora but I prefer it as a nn for Coraline ,Corazon,Cornelia etc.

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    I love the name Cara!

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    Thanks everybody! I love both, but I think one reason I don't like Cora nearly as much is because it doesn't feel as 'completed'. I love Coralie though
    Best regards; Julia

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