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    Berry Approved Place Names?

    I know a few place names are approved on here (Charlotte, Adelaide, Victoria, etc) but, others are frowned upon (India), so what ones are accepted/approved on here? I figure if they're approved/liked on here, they're fine to use in real life! Also, a list of ideas would be great. I like quite a few but I'm not sure what ones I love. Thank you!
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    The reason the first three you mentioned are "approved" is because they're real names, they only became place names later.

    Place names approved by me:

    these are the ones I can think of right now.
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    In my opinion, it's the names that were names of people first. Charlotte, Adelaide, and Victoria were all named for royal women. Georgia, Virginia (Queen Elizabeth), and Carolina have similar person-first origins.

    Names like Brooklyn, though, seem tacky to me. (Sorry.)

    I also think Indiana is offensive but it doesn't seem to get the flack India does. Makes me cringe; I don't know why it seems so attractive.
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    oooo that's a tough one as everyone has their own rules and guidelines of what they like.
    A year ago I would have sworn up and down that I disliked place name but I really like
    Merida, Illyria, Olympia and Lyonesse (all are place names.)

    However, I still don't like Ireland, Brooklyn, India, etc. I think maybe it has to do with why people choose them or then choose to misspell them. I would assume that most berries feel that to honor your Irish heritage you'd be better off choosing and Irish name instead of Ireland or Irelynd.

    Technically names like Heathcliff, Hawthorne, Waverly, are also place or location names but berries rarely refer to them as such. Maybe because they don't suggest one particular place but are more of a place description.
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    I approve of Devon and Atlanta! I secretly like Paris ssshhhhhhhhhhh

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