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Thread: Otis or Angus?

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    Oooh both names are in my signature/or names list I adore both names so not much help sorry! First baby? For interest sake what is your top girls name contender...? (Then simply see what name goes with it best...Angus and Ottis would make lovely brothers by the way)....
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    Otis or try Otto

    both much more original and dignified

    Angus just doesnt sound pleasant plus its beef

    if you want Gus - try Augustin
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    I love Angus! I know a 12-year-old Angus who makes me just love the name.
    Not a fan of Otis, I'm afraid - I have a negative association (acquaintance) with the name.
    Other options for Gus (which I LOVE):
    Fergus (I know two under-20s with this name; it's such a fun name!)

    Other names that I think are similar in style:
    Oscar (loove this name; the Angus I mentioned above has a brother [around 17] named Oscar. There's the O that your husband might like?)
    Good luck!
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    I prefer Otis to Angus . It sounds more original and clever to me . I never liked Angus . I prefer the similar Marcus & August . And i also prefer the combo Otis Fraser Forbes .
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    Hmm.. I like both but prefer Otis. It is a bit fresher than Angus.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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