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    Oh I love Lucrezia too but I know people who know history will think Borgia but I also think most people will have no clue who it is. One of the smarter people I know have no idea who Lucrezia Borgia is.
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    Bamboo. I love, love, love this name! However, I would never subject this name on my little guy as a fn. I may squeeze it in as a mn behind a 'filler' name, like James Bamboo Lastname but he MUST be called Bamboo

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    Oleander, Droplet, Nip and Lemony are mine. And Pilot--Pilot Inspektor like the celebrity kid, is too much, though. I'm not sure if Lisbon and Mercator are usable...
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    Dove. It has such a sweet, calm, spiritual vibe, but between the chocolates and the toiletry brand name, it just doesn't feel usable.
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    I love Georgiana, I think it's very useable (in fact I plan on using it)!
    I also love Ashley and Darcy for boys but have received a lot of flack for wanting to saddle a boy with feminized names despite their masculine origins
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