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    I was left responsible for younger children at age 6. However, my mother had emotional issues/mental illness, and got paranoid about leaving my sister and me alone when we were older, so stuck me w/a babysitter at 12, even though I babysat regularly. As to walking, we always lived in decent neighborhoods without much traffic, so the weather/distance was a much bigger issue. 1/3 of a mile to the busstop and we were on our own w/heavy books, instruments and near blizzard conditions at times.

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    I just wanted to comment real quick. I'm not a mom, but there's an elementary school (K-2) in my neighborhood and the accompanying elementary school (3-5) is just outside my neighborhood and across one of the busiest roads in town. I see little ones walking home by themselves all the time. The elementary school that's 3rd-5th grade has a crossing guard that gets the kids safely across the road and into our neighborhood. After that it's no problem. As for the kindergarten-2nd grade school, most walkers have a parent that meets them at the school or somewhere along the way. I have seen a few kids walking home alone, but again, the school is inside our neighborhood.

    Is there a crossing guard or a crosswalk to help him get across the road? Or is he just playing Frogger?

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    No there is no crossing guard or crosswalk. The road is very dangerous. If there was a circle in the middle it would basically be a round-a-bout.

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    Seriously? Yeah, I wouldn't let a seven-year-old cross a major road unsupervised.

    Just to clarify... I wouldn't be worried about abduction. I'd be worried about him getting hit by a car. The busy road I was talking about in my previous response is a two-lane. When you say five different directions, I'm imagining the interstate. I wouldn't let a seven-year-old walk across the interstate on his own. I wouldn't even walk across the interstate on my own. I wouldn't walk across an interstate at all.
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    I would allow my kids to walk home at grade 2 age, of course not if it was a very far distance or sketchy neighborhood or busy traffic. Hopefully also with a partner, and not completely alone. My brother used to walk home from school alone when he was about 8, because I was just a baby and my mother was pregnant again and exhausted. Its not a bad thing - it teaches them some independence and makes them feel like they are responsible and you trust them. I think parents these days are overprotective of their children. Obviously this boy even though he is seven, has learned about what to do if a stranger talks to him (obviously you might not be a stranger but he might not have recognized you or known you well enough to trust you) - he did the right thing, he shouted NO and ran home. My only concern would be the traffic but hopefully he is walking home when lots of other kids are walking home too & other adults are probably around.

    Now my dad used to take the bus alone through downtown Vancouver when he was 6. That is nuts.

    (also it's allowed, not aloud)
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