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    Girls on the Radio - Lyrical Names

    Girl names within lyrics!

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    Juliet (Juliet)
    Lola (Copa Cabana)
    Martha (Martha, My Dear)
    Eleanor (Eleanor Rigby)
    Penny (Penny Lane)
    Chelsea (Chelsea)
    Caroline (Sweet Caroline)
    Allison (Allison)
    Angeline (Farewell Angeline)
    Cecilia (Cecilia)
    Delilah (Hey There Delilah)
    Kate (If U C Kate)
    Eileen (Don't Walk Away Eileen)
    Hattie (The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll)
    Julia (Julia)
    Layla (Layla)
    Lucy (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)
    Maggie (Maggie Mae)
    Mae (Maggie Mae)
    Mandy (Mandy)
    Maria (Maria)
    Mary (Proud Mary)
    Michelle (My Michelle)
    Natalie (Believe Me, Natalie)
    Ophelia (Ophelia)
    Peggy Sue (Peggy Sue)
    Prudence (Dear Prudence)
    Rita (Lovely Rita)
    Rosemary (Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes)
    Ruby (Ruby Tuesday)
    Saffron (Saffron, Beautiful and Brown Eyed)
    Stacy (Stacy's Mom)
    Valerie (Valerie)
    Hailie (When I'm Gone)
    Vesper (Vesper's Goodbye)
    Laura (Tell Laura I Love Her)
    Jubilee (Alabama Jubilee)
    Alabama (Alabama Jubilee)
    Susanna (Oh! Susanna)
    Eloise (Eloise)
    Eden (Garden Of Eden)
    Priscilla (Priscilla)
    Cindy (Cindy, Oh Cindy)
    Marianne (Marianne)
    Rosie (Rosie Lee)
    Julie (Oh Julie)
    Jennie (Jennie Lee)
    Robin (Rockin Robin)
    Marina (Marina)
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    There's so many of them! I started to post a bunch but decided it'd be too long so I'm posting the link I'm looking at.

    Hope you find something you like in there! ^_^
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