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    Cool rate my ever changing signature names

    Married my bestfriend 5/11/13
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    Bow ties & Top hats

    Beck Padrig(Patrick)
    Solomon Jace/Ashley
    Friedan Henri
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Nashua Hartley

    Bows & Pearls

    Flannery Liora
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Quinlyn Riley/Ruth
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    Livia Pearl - This is pretty! Rating: 8/10
    Mairen Genevieve - I think Maren is the prettiest spelling. Rating: 6/10
    Evelyn Mary - The names flow well. Rating: 7/10
    Miriam Alice - I love this pair! Rating: 8/10
    Cassia Harper - Cassia is pretty but Harper does nothing for her. Rating: 5/10
    Magnolia Genevieve - Multiple syllables but I like the two names. I do prefer Genevieve Magnolia. Rating: 7/10
    Sylvia Alice - I love the two names but I'm not sure if I like the repetitive l's and the back-to-back a's in this combo.Rating: 6/10
    Amalia"Amy" Cathleen - I love Amalia and Amalie but I think Amy Cathleen is my preference. Rating: 6/10
    Rosie Helena - I'm not a fan of nn's for full names and there are so many "Rose" names I like that Rosie falls flat. I love Helena. Rating: 5/10
    Malea Josephine - Not too crazy about Malea but Josephine has class! Rating: 5/10
    Lillia Inez - Frilly and exotic. I prefer the softer looking Ines though. Rating: 6/10
    Amy Cathleen - I like the vintage charm of this combo.Rating: 7/10

    Hadrian Andrew - Hadrian is strong but Andrew is bland. I don't think the back-to-back "an" is ideal.
    Aiden Zachary - Aidan is the CORRECT spelling. It's an Irish saint's name and I really don't like any other spelling rather than the original. Aiden is overused and I'm not a fan of Zachary. Rating: 4/10
    Emerson George - Reminds me of TV character George Jefferson but I still like it! Rating: 7/10
    Zechariah Timothy - Even though I know it's a name, I'm prone to say Zachariah rather than Zechariah. A bit longish but they are two fine Biblical names. Rating: 7/10
    Leland Marshall - I like Leland but dislike Marshall. Three l's look overdone to me. Rating: 6/10
    Henry Alden - Classy. Rating: 7/10
    Solomon Wolfe - Solomon is strong enough without the macho overkill of Wolfe. 4 O's in a combo is overdone. Rating: 6/10
    Arlo Keaton - This has great flow and it's an interesting pairing.Rating: 7/10
    Sebastian Charles - Love Sebastian and the classic Charles is fine in the middle. Rating: 8/10
    Auden Wallace - the names have similarities in the first syllables (Au and Wa). I do like Auden. Rating: 5/10
    Liam Aaron - a little matchy in sound. I prefer Aaron as a first name. Rating: 5/10
    All the best,

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    Livia Pearl -- I like Pearl, but Livia always looks like a typo of Olivia to me. Olivia Pearl is prettier IMO.
    Mairen Genevieve -- Is Mairen supposed to be Maren? Maren Genevieve is very lovely.
    Evelyn Mary -- Evelyn is pretty and I love the nn Evie, but Mary is somewhat boring.
    Miriam Alice -- I like both of the names, but I'm not a fan of this combo.
    Cassia Harper -- Cassia is nice, Harper I don't like at all.
    Magnolia Genevieve -- Again like both names, but not particularly the combo.
    Sylvia Alice -- I don't like the "-a A," as in Sylvialice.
    Amalia"Amy" Cathleen -- Very pretty, but not a fan of Amy.
    Rosie Helena -- Seems like a style mismatch.
    Malea Josephine -- Ditto.
    Lillia Inez -- NMS.
    Amy Cathleen -- Again, not a fan of Amy.

    Girl Favorites:
    1) Amalia Cathleen
    2) Maren Genevieve
    3) Olivia Pearl

    Girl Suggestions: Evelyn Violet, Magnolia June

    Hadrian Andrew -- Hadrian is NMS, but the combo is nice.
    Aiden Zachary -- If you don't mind how incredibly popular Aidan is, this combo is nice. But I would much prefer the authentic Aidan spelling.
    Emerson George -- Something a little off about this combo's flow to me, not sure what.
    Zechariah Timothy -- A little too long, but each of the names are nice individually.
    Leland Marshall -- I like it, though it kind of sounds like the name of a department store.
    Henry Alden -- I love it.
    Solomon Wolfe -- Also love.
    Arlo Keaton -- I like both of the names, but not really the combo.
    Sebastian Charles -- Nice.
    Auden Wallace -- The combo flows well, but I have a hard time saying Auden without it sounding like I have a lisp.
    Liam Aaron -- I don't think this combo flows very well.

    Boy Favorites:
    1) Henry Alden
    2) Solomon Wolfe
    3) Leland Marshall

    Boy Suggestions: Arlo James, Emmett Andrew

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    Livia Pearl - Very classy/pretty. 8/10
    Mairen Genevieve - Mairen is NMS, I have a bad association with a Maren. Its okay, though. 6/10
    Evelyn Mary - Nice combo. Reminds me a lot of the 1920s/30s. 8/10
    Miriam Alice - Miriam is NMS but I love Alice. 6/10
    Cassia Harper - Cassia is pretty and different but I am very tired of hearing the name Harper and I don't think they sound good together. 5/10
    Magnolia Genevieve - I like Magnolia and I like Genevieve but I think together the name is too long. 7/10
    Sylvia Alice - Not a fan of Sylvia but love Alice. 5/10
    Amalia"Amy" Cathleen - I love Amalia. I think its a very fresh spin on Amelia. But the name "Amy Cathleen" sounds very dated to me. 6/10
    Rosie Helena - Rosie is cute but I prefer it as an nn. Love Helena. 8/10
    Malea Josephine - "May-Lee"? I think a lot of people would pronounce/spell this name wrong. It looks a little made up/trendy. I love Josephine though. 3/10
    Lillia Inez - Both are NMS. I have a bad association with Lilia and Inez is just too "Spanish" sounding for my taste 4/10
    Amy Cathleen - This combo sounds dated to me. Like it belongs on a thirty/forty year old and not a child. 4/10

    Hadrian Andrew - I love Hadrian. Andrew is a little boring to me, but its not bad. It just looks a little weird paired with a unique name like Hadrian. 6/10
    Aiden Zachary - I prefer Aidan, but the name itself is kinda over done. Zachary is also very popular. 6/10
    Emerson George: Very proper sounding. I like Emerson but its become a very "girly" name. I wouldn't want to do that to a boy. 5/10
    Zechariah Timothy - Love Zachariah. Very fresh twist on Zachary. Timothy is alright. 7/10
    Leland Marshall - I like Leland but this combo seems a little surname heavy. 6/10
    Henry Alden - Love Henry. Alden is NMS but its okay for a middle name. 8/10
    Solomon Wolfe - Solomon is NMS but I do like the sound of this combo. 7/10
    Arlo Keaton - I like Arlo but not a fan of Keaton. 6/20
    Sebastian Charles - Love. 9/10
    Auden Wallace - I like the meaning of Auden. I don't like Wallace though. 5/10
    Liam Aaron: Like Liam. Like Aaron. But both names feel over done for me. There's no wow factor with this one.
    Violet Gray
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    Livia Pearl - 6.5/10
    Mairen Genevieve - 7/10
    Evelyn Mary - 7.5/10
    Miriam Alice - 6.5/10
    Cassia Harper - 5/10
    Magnolia Genevieve - 7/10
    Sylvia Alice - 6/10
    Amalia"Amy" Cathleen - 6/10
    Rosie Helena - 6.5/10
    Malea Josephine - 6.5/10
    Lillia Inez - 5.5/10
    Amy Cathleen - 4/10

    Hadrian Andrew - 4.5/10
    Aiden Zachary - 4/10
    Emerson George - 6/10
    Zechariah Timothy - 5/10
    Leland Marshall - 2/10
    Henry Alden - 6/10
    Solomon Wolfe - 7.5/10
    Arlo Keaton - 5.5/10
    Sebastian Charles - 7/10
    Auden Wallace - 5/10
    Liam Aaron - 3.5/10
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