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    Talking Future Baby Names

    My husband's sister is about two weeks away from having her first child. A little baby girl whose name will be Kaylee Renee. She has been trying to conceive for four years and we are so very excited for the baby to be here! Since she has been pregnant I have been a little baby crazy which has made me start thinking about baby names for our future children. Right now my husband doesn't feel ready to start a family and I don't want to rush him but I can't help from trying to think up the perfect baby name ( I am a name lover after all!)

    First off my surname sounds similar to "Darron". My husband is named William Crawford "Darron" II. He has expressed many times that he wants to name our child if it is a boy William Crawford "Darron" III. This name has lots of family meaning to my husband and is a tribute to his grandfather who he loved dearly. I know this name is very important to my husband but I just don't have a lot of options when it comes to nn. My husband's father is a Bill. My husband is a Bill as well but in our family we call him Billy (which he doesn't like at all but oh well its easier to keep the two straight that way). If we have a little boy and name him the same name what in the world will we call him? I can't call him by his middle name "Crawford" , there are already too many Bills in the family and we absolutely do not like the name Will or Willy. So all that is left is to either call the child by his full name "William" which is a wonderful name but seems so formal for an infant or I have also thought of the nn Liam for William. I am very happy with this choice but my husband isn't too keen. So tell me what do you think you would do in my situation?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    ~Emily Anne~

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    I would go ahead and use the name, if it is that important to him and you are fine with it then go ahead. I would be in favor of calling him Liam as a nn for William. The nice thing about William is it's a very strong, masculine, and classic name. Your future son could go by William if chooses or could be called Liam.

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    There's Will as well as Liam. Both would be lovely viable choices
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    Since he will be a third, he could go by Tripp, maybe?

    Either way you can't go completely wrong with a name like William Crawford...
    Maybe Ford could work too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by calista View Post
    Since he will be a third, he could go by Tripp, maybe?

    Either way you can't go completely wrong with a name like William Crawford...
    Maybe Ford could work too?
    I thought about this as well. I had a family friend whose son was a third and they named him the nn Roman for Roman numeral three (III) which I thought was pretty cute. I have also heard of Tre being used the same way.

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