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    It's okay.

    The only Casey I know is a guy.

    I also know a male K.C.

    It's not a name I'd choose, but it's not terrible.

    I think I'd be more willing to use K.C. personally. Something like Knox Charlie would be cute.

    Or maybe as a nickname for Cassian, Cassius, Caspian, etc. I'm not super fond of male fn's that end in the -y sound.
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    Casey is very sporty. I've never seen it as a girl's name because I've always known more male Caseys. It's not something I would choose, but I like it.
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    Does he like Chicago Fire? It makes Casey sound cool. Honestly, I know one Casey (male), but several Kacee/Kasie/Kasey (females). I think on girls it isn't very popular anymore, so it shouldn't be a big issue.

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    Nice combo, and the unisex factor is not a problem IMO (I think it's usable either way).

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