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Thread: New cousins ;)

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    New cousins ;)

    There's been a minor baby boom in my family with three of my cousins welcoming new babies...

    Liam Benjamin was born on March 3

    Paloma was born on July 9 - sister of Beatrice Sarah

    Elliot Linke was born on September 3 - brother of Amelia Mary and Alex James

    Paloma doesn't have a middle name and Linke is his mother's maiden name. They're all super cute (of course)!
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    Congratulations! That many babies in the family will be fun! My SIL just had a baby girl in July, another SIL is due in January, and I in February.
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    Congrats Sarah!!!! I love their names.
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    Congratulations! They all have such lovely names.

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    Seems like everyone I know will be giving birth in November! And I mean EVERYONE! It's been crazy this year!! The most prominent is a sister-in-law from each side of the family: one on my husband's side, one on mine I'll be announcing at that time!
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