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  • Winter Ophelia

    23 19.49%
  • Winter Felicity

    8 6.78%
  • Cassia Snow

    40 33.90%
  • Scarlett Ember

    13 11.02%
  • Matilda Boheme

    25 21.19%
  • Brigitte Snow

    9 7.63%
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    It's soo weird, I really don't like Cassie names that much (Cassie or Cassandra) but I really love Cassia! Normally, I think that it'd annoy me if I didn't like something that will potentially be used as a nickname. Like I wouldn't use Jennifer if I didn't like Jen/Jenny because most of them end up being called Jen or Jenny, but Cassia I think is simple enough that you could get away with it. It sounds so nice with Alora too. I vote Cassia!
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    Winter Ophelia - Winter sounds too 'final' as a first name, for flow switch
    Winter Felicity - as above, plus Felicity is much too lovely to be a middle when trendy Winter will be out of style in a few years
    Cassia Snow - nice, lovely - different but not trendy or dated
    Scarlett Ember - basically Red Fire? feels jokey and over the top
    Matilda Boheme - names dont really go together or flow
    Brigitte Snow - same as above, Cassia or Felicity are much better than Brigitte

    Felicity Winter
    Cassia Snow
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    Alora and Cassia sound great together!!
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I went with Briggite, provided it's pronounced 'brig-eeta'.
    I think Brigitte Snow pronounced as Brig it ah sounds pretty with Alora.
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    I really love "Snow" as a Middle Name for a winter season baby girl! Personally, I don't care for "Winter" as a First Name. It just sounds too harsh and cold, unless you plan to use "Winnie" as a NN. In which case, I really like your choice of Winter Ophelia. Otherwise, I would have to eliminate the FN Winter and vote for Cassia Snow, but Cassia doesn't sound like a formal name, more like a NN. Would you consider switching the names around a bit? Felicity Snow would be a very pretty combination. Felicity means happiness! I also like the ethereal sounding combination of Ophelia Snow. It sounds very elegant, although much more formal than Felicity Snow. For some reason I just don't care for the combination of Brigitte with Snow. Best of luck to you!

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