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    How much would 'BS' initials bother you? POLL

    So we are still undecided between Susannah and Blythe as a sister for Phoebe. One consideration is that Blythe's initials would be BS. How much would that factor into your decision?

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    I'd be concerned about teasing in school, however, my dad's initials are B.S. and he said he was never mocked in school for it, and that no one drew any attention to it. I think it depends more on how comfortable you are with it, but, I don't think B.S. will cause too many issues if you have a middle name to divert from that. Blythe and Phoebe are also my favourites for a combo rather than Susannah, they fit together nicely, and initials are only a minor detail. Chances are, no one will notice.
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    My husband actually has the initials BS as well, and I don't think he has ever cared. But girls are more sensitive about these things, I know.

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    I do not think it's a big deal at all. However, I will say that I prefer the name Susannah for a sister Phoebe.

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    I admit it would bother me a tiny bit (because I like nice initials) but not enough to make me drop THE name. If it bothers your Blythe, she can always use her middle initial anytime initials come up. I doubt anyone would think "bs" if they saw something like BRS or BES instead.
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