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    Exclamation Having Doubts, Due in a little over 2 Weeks!!

    DH and I had decided on naming our little girl Susannah Eloise back in May. I love the name but I don't like all the similarities to our DS name Samuel Elliot. They would have the same initials SED (surname is Dillow) and both of their names have 3 syllable first names and 3 syllable middle names. We do want more children in the future (1 or 2 more) and we don't want to feel like we have to continue this trend. We've been talking about different names we like, but we just aren't sure. I'm due on the 20th so we're in a major time crunch. We could really use help and possibly some suggestions.

    These are the 2 other names we like:
    Emily Grace (I know Grace is a filler name but I absolutely LOVE it with Emily)
    Lydia Jane/Eloise (not sure which middle we want, suggestions on which sounds better would be appreciated)

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Susannah Eloise is a beautiful name, but I think your concerns are valid. I wouldn't give them the same initials if you plan on having more children, possibly more than one even. It will be too hard to match and you might end up feeling like it isn't "you" to have a whole clan of SED's, but you now have to.

    If you love Emily Grace, I won't talk you out of it as it is my name almost exactly , but my favorite is Lydia Jane. It is spunky, fun, classic--just a really great name!

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    My favourite is Susannah Eloise the combination is just stunning. Even though Emily Grace is a sweet name and Lydia Jane/Eloise are lovely names, Susannah Eloise just has this certain caliber and just looks incredibly elegant. Susannah is a lovely name she has a very fruity sound she feels fresh and sweet. Eloise is also lovely she's very wholesome and pretty, I also like the association of sunshine with Eloise due to her meaning. The whole combination Susannah Eloise just feels very sunny and pretty. However if you have an issue with the SED initials don't ditch Susannah and Eloise instead change the combination around. Eloise Susannah is just as pretty. I also love Eloise Dillon together! Eloise & Samuel also work nicely together.

    Go with Eloise Susannah!!

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    Very tough. Susannah Eloise is very lovely but I see your concerns. My vote goes to Lydia Eloise.

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    I love Lydia Jane, i think it's a really pretty name. Plus Samuel & Lydia make a great sibset.
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