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Thread: Ethany

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    What do you think of this name? Like Bethany without the B. I've only heard it on a little girl whose brother's name was Ethan. That's too matchy for me. But I really like the name!

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    Huh... it's definitely unique. I think it's pretty and mythical sounding. Like a goddess. But I don't really like the spelling, although I don't know how you would spell it any different. It's too close to Ethan for me, and a bit too masculine because of that. But I don't think it's terrible.
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    To be honest, my first thought was ethanol. Ethany is okay, and gives you nicknames like Ettie or Etta or even Annie, but I much prefer Bethany.
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    I thought of Ethanol, too. It looks made-up and sounds bad--Ethan works because it has a hard Ee sound. Ethany loses that appeal.

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    I would have pronounced it EE-thun-ee, like Ethan, and really dislike Bethany, so it's a no from me. Sorry!

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