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    Wink just an update....

    I just want to thank you for the encouragement, the thoughts and prayers. I would be a little over 2 months with Bean. We named him or her Riley Bean found it fitting. I had my D&E last monday all went well. I have been having some trouble. I do miss the baby. All my life i have wanted a child or more. I know our day will come. and another thing is I feel like i let my hubby down. he has had heart break before. he would have had a daughter Zoe Jane, but the woman he was dating wasn't all their mentally. she had mental health issues and aborted the baby at 6 months pregnant. I know it's my mind thinking too much. but i am at peace but in away i had all the things counted down. i would have been 7 months on my 25th birthday. sorry i just need to vent. but I do thank you for being comforting at this time.
    Butter ball or pumpkin due November 2014

    Married my best friend 05-11-13
    Riley Bean went to be the Lord Summer of 2013...almost 2 months

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