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View Poll Results: Which nickname for Alannah (Al-on-nah)?

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  • Lani (lawn-ee)

    8 20.00%
  • Allie

    12 30.00%
  • Lola

    9 22.50%
  • Annie

    6 15.00%
  • Other? (please comment with your choice)

    5 12.50%
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmclay View Post
    Hmm. You could probably get away with Lea/Leah, if you like it? The lee sound in Haley plus the a sound of your mn...
    I do really love Leah

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    I have a good friend named Alana and I haven't heard anyone insist on shortening it. I say pick the name/nickname you'd like to be called and be consistent in introducing yourself that way and it will catch on. If you like Leah than go for it; if allannah than sick to the long version. As someone who has tried to shake a nickname, I have found that the key is to be consistent with what you want people to call you. Good luck!

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    Lola is a great name to me, and it can work as a nn for Alannah.
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    My favourite nickname for Alannah would be Lana, it's simple and easy to get from Alannah
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    I like Lola....

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