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    My girl list...what are your Favorites?

    Violet Elle
    Lucie Rue
    Georgia Liv
    Brooklyn Jade
    Ivy Claire
    Mieke Larke
    Caia Blanche
    Daenerys Clarice
    Sally Shae
    Elle Carter
    Ryan Shae
    Reese Carter
    Laika Charlotte
    Sawyer Blanche
    Logan Jade
    Livie Elle
    Lily Frey
    Cody Elle

    I have too many me narrow them down? (ps lets all be nice here, If you don't like some of my selections, be polite =) Thanks a bunch!

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    This is the only one I find no fault with: Ivy Claire

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    Lucie Rue is adorable, but kind of reminiscent of Lucy Liu. Lily Rue would fix that problem.

    Violet Elle, Ivy Claire, and Sally Shae are cute. I also like Georgia, but I'm not sure it sounds best with Liv. Maybe Georgia Shae or Georgia Claire?

    Sally Lark would be cute.

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    @ Verminator...oh no! only one name with no fault! what are my faults IYO?

    @ Dovah ...I never realized how close Lucie Rue was to Lucy liu...good point! I really Like your suggestion of Sally Lark!

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    Ivy Claire & Violet Elle are the best combos from your list.
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